Benefits of Muscle Building Workouts

If you want to build a bigger physique, you will need to be lifting weights with the goal of gaining muscle mass. So how to gain weight fast? If you want to gain 1 pound or more per week put the cardio on the back burner and start a weight training program which focuses on the basic power movements. Although cardio exercises are an important component of a improving health and fitness levels, you cannot achieve significant muscle gain without incorporating muscle building workouts for several times weekly into your schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, cardiovascular exercise is a very beneficial form of exercising, as it strengthens the heart muscle and the whole cardiovascular system. But it can have a negative effect on your muscle building capacity. When you perform muscle building workouts, the increased muscle mass allows the body to function better and metabolize fat. You can incorporate cardio into your workout program after you have gained the desired weight and muscle.This is known as “cutting”, but should be the least of your concerns if your main goal is to gain weight fast.

You can take advantage of two different forms of muscle building workouts if you want to improve your muscle mass, or firm up your existing physique. When you adopt the heavy weight and low reps muscle building workout, your objective is to build muscle mass. You typically want to do 6-10 reps with the heaviest weight possible.

But with lighter weight and high reps muscle building workouts, the aim is to tone the muscle and increase muscular endurance, with any significant change in muscle size. This is the type of weight training many women opt for in order to shape their muscles and give them a more definitive appearance, while those interested in bulking up always opt for programs that will boost their muscle mass.

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